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Tradeatrade – UK Global Funding Partners

Our organisation is the only funding provider supporting the Construction Industry and Maintenance Sector globally

Our core objective is to provide Smart Thinking in order to make it easier to fund projects where there are currently many barriers. We can help provide a pathway to finance without the worry about fraud and therefore Safeguard your money and identity.

The financial world of business presents is own conundrum of restraints and complications within its own institution, thus blocking you from building a better future, or to growing your business(s) and fulfilling your ambitions. Overcoming these problems and resolving and applying a solution Tradeatrade, works by using smart thinking within the financial engine sector, utilising new data mapping not visible to all. We then place the data into a vault for secure control which is forwarded onto our members via coded emails.

Our business platform is fully compliant and regulated by (FCA) Financial Conduct Authority 2020.


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